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Throw Heated Blanket Electric

This is a great piece of furniture for those who love to feel at home in their home. The electric heated throw over under blanket is a great addition to your bedroom or living room and can help keep you and your loved ones warm on a cold night. The flannel warmth and mattress3heat 3200 degrees fahrenheit make it the perfect tool for your ecommerce store.

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This is a perfect camping or travel need-to-know-how about how to throw an electric heated blanket over someone's body to help them sleep through the cold winter nights. It's easy to use and can be used while camping, on the road, or on-the-go.
this sunbeam velveteen plush electric heated throw blanket will make your next party even more special! This blanket is heated by the sun and is made of? mahmudiyah? wool fabric. It? s select color is green? so you can choose it for your next event!
this is a perfect item to keep you and your family warm on the sly! This electric heated blanket can sleep through a cold winter just by looking at the moose pattern auto shut off shelf pull. Keep your home safety sake with an electric heated blanket.